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AWeber is email marketing software that specializes in auto responder and followup services. Most people think email marketing consist of email newsletters only, and whilst AWeber can do this, it really shines as an auto responder and automated followup emails which is where the Gather Australia majority of online e-marketing is done around the world.

If you have ever signed up for anything on the internet and then received a series of emails from that website, that is how an auto responder and followup emails works. The initial email response back to you, normally within seconds is the auto responder part, and the following emails at pre selected schedule are the followup emails.

But How Can An Australian Real Estate Agency Use It?

The simplest way is to give you an idea of how we have utilized this sort of system at Nerang First National. As a member of the First National Real Estate group we have access to a range of advisory guides in printed and pdf format.

As a starting point I created an email series autoresponder and a followup email series consisting of 5 additional emails based around the First National Home Buyers Guide. The initial autoresponder provides the subscriber with the ability to download the pdf version of the guide.

The signup form was placed on our property for sale page and we immediatly started getting prospective purchasers signed up to receive the guide. Instead of just allowing visitors to download the guide we had now captured their name and address and had scheduled them to receive further emails over the coming weeks.

The additional followup emails do a range of things such as introduce the buyer to our First National Finance consultant, invite them to signup to our open house updates, ask to assist with the sale of their current property and much more…

Within the first week we were getting signup rates of around 5%. That means that 1 in every 20 of our vistors looking at property for sale were volunteering to give us there Name and Email Address. Every day we would have handful of prospective buyers signed up. Each email is designed to drive the recepient back to our agency.

As you can imagine with these sort of results it did not take too long for us to create other email campaigns for the other guides in the First National series including a Home Sellers Guide and a Property Investment and Management Guide.

We also created a customised form (you can ask for up to 25 custom questions) and an email series for a property market appraisal guides and updated and tweaked our exisiting buyer series.


Online marketers have been using these systems for years but this is the perfect way to deliver additional information to your potential clients and drive them back to your website and your agency.

If you are already giving away free guides or information on your site now without capturing the details from your visitor you have to stop now. Quite simply you are wasting valuable information as your visitors are quite willing to give you this information before they get what your offering. Most real estate groups will provide you with something you can give away to your visitors but if you cant find something, create it….. FAST!

Using AWeber you can not only capture this information before you send them the download, but you can also schedule for future followup emails to be sent totally automatically. And with your account you can create an unlimited amount of email campaigns.

Once is never enough! People usually need to see something many times before deciding to purchase. AWeber was built on this very concept. The backend keeps all the statistics you will need to track the performance of every campaign.

If you run a blog it gets even better. AWeber can send subscribers all your blog updates as well. Certainly blogs use RSS feeds for people to keep up to date but many of your visitors have no clue about RSS. You can now put an email update link on your website for visitors to use. The system will automatically send new articles to every subscriber without you having to do anything driving people back to your website.