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The practice of acupuncture is an interesting one that dates back to ancient times. It comes from the old practices of traditional Chinese medicine. It is said to assist the body in healing itself by inserting pins at specific acupuncture sites. These sites are then stimulated either by heat or electrical pulses. So this is all but and well, but how does acupuncture work. Click here to purchase from NHS Heroes

The Chinese believed that the body has many streams of energy moving through it which are called meridians. These meridians are found on the skin and in the deeper regions of the body and are responsible for providing nourishment and energy. All the meridians are organized according to specific patterns. Just as the water can block by an obstruction in a river, it is said that the same can happen to the channels in which these meridians flow. The result is that an obstruction is caused, with certain areas of the body experiencing an increase in energy and other areas a deficit in the flow of energy.

If we look at how does acupuncture work, we first need to look at the procedure from the old traditional Chinese point of view. Needling has been found to have an influence on these meridians provided that they are inserted at particular sites. Acupuncture will unblock the affected meridians restoring the flow of energy and nourishment to all parts of the body again. This will aid the body with its self-healing process. Any imbalances which resulted from the blocked meridians will be restored.

How Does Acupuncture Work: Looking at Acupuncture from a Medical Perspective

How does acupuncture work from the medical perspective? It is believed that when the needle is inserted into the prescribed site, it causes a response from the nervous system. This releases certain compounds and substances which target the muscles, spinal cord and the brain. As these are vital organs responsible for inducing responses, they trigger the release of other chemicals which affect the body’s internal ability to heal itself.

Medical science have used the knowledge acquired of how does acupuncture work and now also use the procedure in providing treatment on occasions. In such cases the acupuncture is performed by medical professionals who have done training in this ancient procedure. It is used to enhance body health and general wellness. Sometimes it is used as a preventative procedure to protect the individual from disease. Acupuncture is even used in the treatment of some medical conditions.

How Does Acupuncture Work: Benefits of Acupuncture

The beneficial effects of acupuncture has been noted by many of the large health organizations, including the WHO. In this regard the WHO recognizes the technique as treatment for digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, neurological and muscular disorders, as well as for disorders which affect the urinary any reproductive systems.

When look back to see how does acupuncture work, it must be said that is based on an extremely simple concept. Although the practice has its roots in ancient traditional Chinese medicine, it is commonly used today. Acupuncture is either used on its own or in conjunction with modern medicine.