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Are you the Family kitchen type? If so you’ll need something tough, versatile and no-nonsense functional. With kids, shopping wet carpet Melbourne and keeping the family organised the last thing you need is delicate (read flimsy) cabinet doors with lots of glass and knives hanging from the wall.

Given enough room the focal point of the kitchen will most likely be the kitchen table and this too needs to be robust and toddler proof. A good table can last a life time so it’s a wise investment to pay a little more for a set of tables and chairs knowing that you can sand off biro marks from a solid wooden table but it gets trickier if the table has a thin wooden veneer or is laminated.

If you’re the warm fire and golden Labrador type take a look at a country-style built for longevity and maximum storage it will help house all the nick knacks the family accumulates as the kids get older. With this style it’s easy to have a blackboard pinned to the wall or even framed by the village framer to match the cabinet doors. That way you can enhance the look while having somewhere to list all the family chores!

No one can resist a toasty Aga oven and the kids will love it as they get older too.

An Aga equally fit’s in to the minimalist home too when perfectly matched by a big American style fridge freezer to keep all the family goodies in. When clean lines are the key go for the high gloss contemporary style kitchen but be sure to have enough storage space to keep all the family items from piling up on the surfaces. In contemporary kitchens breakfast bar seating can do away with the table as a modern alternative which can double up as preparation area when needed.

If you are the Entertainer type it will all be about focal points and details. The focal point could be the stunning view from the sliding patio doors however if your view is more Lakeside shopping centre than Lake district you can use a fireplace or a bold colour to give a feature space to your kitchen.

Using the kitchen itself try looking for accessories that are not found in the standard kitchen such as a touch. For the geeks like myself I’m looking forward to the day when The William makes its debut as I know it will be a knock out with my guests.